Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crazy Decisions!

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How are you today?  What's going on in your life today? I hope you have a nice day and a good start to the upcoming weekend!

Yesterday I talked about driving myself crazy with worry over decisions and events in my life, and how I had to find a way to stop worrying so much because I was making myself sick! In reflecting back on this journey (and to remind myself NOT to worry :) ) I created a brief outline, just an overview of the steps I found most meaningful. Over the next several posts, I will explain each point, filling in all the exhilarating details!

 I am really loving this, because apparently I tend to almost fall into that worry trap regularly! Thank goodness for all of you - you give me reason to write and share <3

Crazy Decisions

Learning to make knowledgeable decisions and having peace with them
And Letting go of the worry in your daily life

      I.        The realization that there is a Greater Plan
a.     In this world and in our lives there is a bigger picture a bigger plan in motion that we are just a part of – God’s Plan

    II.        Accept the fact that some things are out of our control
a.     Realize that there are some things we can control and some things we cannot!
                                        i.    Decide which things you can control and which you should control
                                       ii.    Decide which things you cannot control and which you should not control

   III.        Accept and Let Go!
a.     Accept the responsibility for the things you can and should take control of
b.     Let go of the things you cannot and should not try to control

   IV.        Trust God
a.     Believe that God already has a plan for your life, with your best interest in mind.
b.     Believe that God will implement His plan in your life if and when you ask Him to.
c.     Believe that God will handle all of those things you let go of when you ask Him to.
d.     Believe and trust in your heart that God has your back when you allow Him to.

    V.        Put your faith to work for you
a.     Talk to God – try having a casual conversation with Him.  You needn’t be formal or on your knees; try talking to Him as if He was sitting right beside you, like a friend. Explain to Him what you are worrying about or what decision you have to make. Ask for His advice.  Ask Him to show you what He would like you to do. 
Or, if you are more comfortable being less casual with God, bow your head and begin a prayer.  Prayerfully explain your worry and ask Him to help.
b.     Then listen.  Open your heart and mind to “hear” what God says to you.
c.     Do what you believe God has advised you to do.  And don’t second guess it.  Once you feel in your heart what God wants you to do, then do it.  And be at peace with it.  Don’t worry about the outcome, because God is taking care of it.  He is with you.

Great gobs of PEACE to you,    

Mindy <3

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