Monday, July 28, 2014


Reading this woman's experience (article below) made me cry…
…cry because even though I have never been what most women would call overweight, I have obsessively struggled to be and remain "thin" my entire life. Like this woman, I have bought into the worldview of what "beauty" looks like and found myself lacking
         But the last 2 yrs as I struggled with an injury, not able to physically exercise much and gained 10 lbs, along with seeing the signs of an aging body, I have had to learn to accept myself more.  I have come to realize and accept that I have EARNED every single one of my "dimples", "sags", "wrinkles", "dark spots", “age spots”, etc.  Like the wonderful, beloved-by-her-children woman in the article below, I have unconditionally loved my children, have romped with them, have sacrificed for them, have cried with them, have held them, spent TIME with them, and did my best to LOVE them as a Mommy should. 
         And like this beautiful woman, these characteristics and joyful givings from my heart have made me beautiful. They have made my life beautiful.  YES, I can say that now! I AM beautiful - with the kind of beauty that matters. Who cares if I don't wear a size 2 or 4 anymore, or if my abs are flat, or if I still have a nice thigh gap - being obsessed over being, having, and keeping those things doesn't allow enough time to love my children properly every day and be an attentive, giving partner for my husband. 
         Like this gorgeous wonderful woman in this article, I choose to be truly beautiful and concentrate on the things that are realistically and ultimately important: my kids, my husband, and the special people in my life.  And the time left over after I have loved them ALL as they deserve will be devoted to being as physically healthy as I can be.  
         True beauty is what is in the inside, the characteristics of the heart.  And the most beautiful of these is truly loving and giving love to those who are around us.  Exterior physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is just icing on the cake!
         And we all know that cake doesn't have to be beautifully decorated to be delicious <3

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