Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today we find a car

Okay, back to the "just moved to Boston, gotta get settled" story. Yesterday we found and settled on a place to live. Today we find a car.

In typical fashion for our personalities, Bill and I weren't even close to agreeing on what kind, color, type of vehicle we wanted to buy. For right now we are just going to buy one car for the two of us to share, so we need something that fits both of us. Bill, being the wonderfully frugal and financially savvy guy that he is, would rather have a smaller, economical, gas efficient car that will get him from point A to point B in the most cost efficient manner. No fuss, no frills, just be dependable and economical. I, of course, wish for something a little more stylish, a good color, a few creature comforts, and NOT a smallish car! My heart and brain are set on a small SUV so I feel more safe and have more power for my little 5'3" stature. I don't like having to look up to people all the time in conversation, so I wear heels. So, it is only natural that I would like a little larger vehicle so I don't feel so intimidated by the big SUV's on the road. BUT...they are gas guzzlers - oh no! And they cost more - oh yes!

So, same as yesterday in the house search, today we are in a stalemate - again! At this point Bill and I are so stressed out from moving half way around the world, 2 weeks of no sleep, junk food, worrying about our kitty, and too many crazy decisions, that we can't think straight. We each are on our last nerve. We're thinking God must have some crazy sense of humor to put us two together, as different from each other as we are. (we have been married for over 18 years though, so something must be right!) But right now we can't agree on anything. And today we have to find and purchase a vehicle. And find a Massachusetts insurance agent to insure it.

We decided last night to look online and explore websites, cars, and options. At this point, Bill has succumbed to my need for a small suv, as long as I can find one with good gas mileage. Let me tell you, this is a hard task!! So, today I am looking at several websites and loosing hope. All the suv's I like only get 20-22 mpg hwy, even though I have lowered my wish list - no Lexus, no Acura, no Volvo, no, not even a Nissan or Toyota. The whole morning is wasted and I have found nothing. Bill is frustrated with me and the whole situation. I get overwhelmed and frustrated and retreat to the bedroom in tears again.

And again, through my exhausted tears, I send up another plea to my Lord, asking Him to please help me again. I even asked if He would just make the right car appear before our eyes somewhere. I was a hopeless mess, incapable of making any decisions, and my poor husband wasn't much better. (I told you in the last post that I have a hard time keeping things simple; I sure wasn't making things easy for my poor Bill, who was already nervous and anxious about starting a brand new job in 2 days. Not very nice on my part, I have to admit.)

So there I was, crying and asking God to pull me out of the fire - again! And here's the amazing part...

I dried my eyes, went back to the computer to look some more. I pulled up the last website I had been on. Only this time, there is a picture of a pretty Ford Escape LTD. It's black and shiny. Oh, and it has tan leather interior - not black! Pretty!! And it's 4wd, which everyone tells us we need up here. And guess what - it's in my price range! And oh my Lord - it says it gets 26mpg!!!!!!! I yell out for Bill - come look! He comes over and looks...and he wants to know more about it. Well, we pull up the details; moon roof, heated electric seats, ipod/phone hook up, sm satellite - and much more - all the little creature comforts I secretly wished for, but just knew I couldn't have. And the best part was, it was at a dealership only 5 miles from our hotel. No way!! Yes way!!!

We called, we went to look at it, we drove it, got $500 more off the price - we bought it!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

OML - He really did just make it magically appear before our eyes! The exact right compromise for both of us, in a vehicle we are both ok with! Wow - and it was the only car we actually had to go look at. The first car was the right car. God - you really rock! You provided for us - yet again, in a big way! I am humbled and amazed. I just can't believe He really just made that car appear out of nowhere, for us. Thank you, God.

Yeah - it was God who made things happen for us this weekend - I know it was. Because I asked Him to. He loves me so much, go figure. I must remember to ask for His help BEFORE I get so stressed out. Things sure would be a lot easier sometimes. And I wouldn't make things so hard on my poor husband, who I guess puts up with a lot from me!

How about you?

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