Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crazy Worry? Not me...

Are you tired from worrying over what you should do about this, and what you should do about that?

Are you tired of stressing over whether something is right for you or not?

Do you struggle over whether or not you should do something – such as change jobs, go out with someone, allow your child to participate in some activity, etc?

Are you tired of worrying about someone you care deeply for?

Are you making yourself crazy over decisions you need to make in your life?

And after agonizing over a decision, do you then worry over whether or not you made the right decision?

Are you just plain sick and tired of all the worrying and uncertainty going on in your life?

What if I told you that you don’t have to live with all that worry?

What if I told you that you can do something about it? That you can get rid of all that stressful worry and live in peace? That you can make knowledgeable decisions affecting your life and feel good about them, without worrying and stressing over them?

Well…I am telling you now that you can.
And it’s pretty simple.
All it takes is a little faith and putting that little faith to work.

I am often asked how it is that I can have peace about certain things in my life, or how it is that I don’t keep worrying over decisions once I have made them.  Or how is it that I seem to be at peace with whatever my future might or might not hold.  These are all great questions, and honestly, not too many years ago, no one would have asked them of me 
because I was a worrying mess!

However, in about the last decade of my life, after driving myself sick over and over again with worry about every little thing, I simply had to quit.  I had to find some way, once and for all, to not worry so much and gain some peace in my life.  Or I was literally going to go insane. Or have no stomach left! (oh yes, my tummy was in all kinds of twisted knots, ties and holes - no fun at all!)

Over the years I have had many lively discussions regarding “worry” with friends, ministers, experts, etc.  I've tried yoga, meditation, relaxing sounds, journaling, etc, (which many were helpful).  However, in the end I had to come to the realization that the only remedy which truly provides peace throughout the uncertainty of decision making and planning for my future – is simply faith – having faith and putting that faith to work for me.  Once I learned how to have faith and implement it into my daily life, I found a nice, calm peace within me.  And this nice, calm peace freed me up and enabled me to go on with my daily living and all that it holds, without the awful, faltering stress and anxiety of worry.
Now doesn’t that sound good?
Actually, it really does to me and seriously - I know I can use a good reminder every now and then.
But how or where do we find this kind of faith, you might ask?
There is only one answer to that question, though many call that answer by various names.
This answer is simply - God.
And having a genuine belief in God and His ultimate plan and control over the goings on in this world.

Having a true and real belief in God and His presence in the world and in our lives puts everything else into better perspective. This belief gives everything more purpose and meaning.  
      Consider this; how could there be some great Being or Creator or God, who thought up and created all things, including you and me – but yet had no idea what He wanted those things or people to do or be or accomplish?  It just makes sense that as He created, and looked at the big picture, He would have some kind of idea what He wanted their purpose and future to consist of or to be.  And that as He oversees all things, He would implement these ideas when given the opportunity.  It just seems that if this Creator is intelligent enough to create all this magnificent stuff, then it follows that He would be intellectual and creative enough to have thoughts, ideas or plans for this magnificent stuff, right? 
(If you'd like more thoughts and detail about a Creator, His creations, and His thoughts and plans, try the Bible, starting with Genesis - the inspired writers go into great detail.  Fascinating stuff!)

So, believe in a greater plan.  Have a little faith.

There is a Creator out there who made you and everything around you.  And He has an idea in mind for your life.  Yes, He wants you to live your life, and He lets you live it how you like, but He would like you to implement His ideas into your life, to help lead you towards the good ideas and plans He has in mind for you.

Believing in this Creator and His greater plan for you
is the beginning of your faith!

Now, I will admit that sometimes I need a little reminder to make that faith do its job and not pick up that worry.  Yikes, yes, sometimes I do find myself starting to worry, and then I have to shut it down right then!  So, I am creating an outline, drawing from my own trials, mishaps and victories in learning to have faith and in putting this faith to work, (to remind myself!) and to share with you, the importance of finding and living out a real and true faith - daily!  And how I now enjoy less stressful, less anxiety and worry-filled days, which means  
Having more peace in my life.

With my next post I will begin sharing this outline with you.  It is my hope and prayer that you might find some helpful tidbits or golden nuggets to pick up along your journey in gaining some peace and freedom from worry in your own crazy life decisions!  I’ll try to make each post short and easy to relate to.

I can’t tell you the difference having a little bit of faith and putting it into action made in my own life.  I hope it does yours too J

Great gobs of blessings to you,


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