Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Decisions - Part III A

 Good Morning to you!!  How are you all today?  Good I hope! It’s a brisk, cool day here today with a little drizzle here and there.  I do believe fall is in the air J 
 If you’re like me, you’re ready for some refreshing cool weather after the scorching hot temps of this summer!
 How many of you have started working on your 
Crazy Decisions list 
from my last post?  (This was making 2 lists of things in your life that you can or cannot control.)  Has it been challenging?
 It is always challenging to me to have to admit I have no control over an issue.  I will usually go back and forth with it, dissecting every little detail of the issue looking for even a teensy weensy part that I can bend to my will.  But in the end, if it’s best I leave it be, then it goes on the NO!! I Cannot Control (and I don’t want to!) list.
 Let’s look at how we can realistically accomplish this…

III.   Accept and Let Go!
For me, it seems the worst part of decision making is the initial worry and tug-of-war in my mind and stressing over the issue.  Worrying and stressing over deciding what I am going to do about an issue and when to do it drives me crazy!  Doesn’t it you?  Well it does me - that is until I remember to exercise some hard learned problem solving skills – an easy, effective and pro-active way to organize my thoughts, make my decisions, and have peaceful control of my life.  Here’s how:
a)   Decide which things you can and should control and then take responsibility for them.
First, whenever I have an important decision to make or a situation weighing heavily on my mind, I break out the old trusty tablet (uh - the paper kind) and pencil.  I define the issue
1.    What exactly is the issue?
2.    Why do I care?
3.    What are the effects/consequences and to whom?
4.    What - if anything can or should I do about it?
I write it all out on the paper (you could use the electronic kind if you wish :)). I always feel more in control of things when I have dissected the issue and can see exactly what it is. Then I don’t have to rely on my sometimes finicky mind to remember all the details :/
If, after defining the issue, I see that there is something I can do about it, then – you got it
I list it!
I write it down on my YES! I Can Control list.  Now this is where your lists come in! Take that first issue on your YES! I Can Control list.  
Dissect and define this issue!
Write it all out on your tablet so you can see your progress and feel more in control over it.  After dissecting and defining the issue, then it’s time to define exactly what your plan of action should be. 
Plan of Action?
Your plan of action is a realistic list of active control things you can and are willing to do in order to solve this dilemma, make this decision, or help control the outcome of this issue - things such as:
check the weather forecast, make a phone call, schedule an appointment, do research and where – the internet, the library, etc., write a letter and to whom, make a food plan for nutrition or special diet, a menu and/or shopping list.  Call and talk to a friend, teacher, minister, etc.  
Write these things down and then begin working on that list. 
Be sure to include a “do or due by” date next to each item and commit to reaching those dates each day.  

I have a yearly planner that has week at a glance pages with space for daily entries.  I log everything in this!  Even specific time increments in a day to “worry” or problem solve.  
I read it every morning, usually as I drink my second cup of delicious, eye-opening coffee, and it organizes my day.  It relaxes me and leaves little for my love-to-stress-over-what-do-I-have-to-do-today brain to fret over.  Which in turn lowers my stress level and provides me more sweet peace!  Give it a try if you’re not already – it works wonders! (A planner doesn’t have to be expensive – mine is from Barnes and Noble, about $14.99.) 

Wow, I have enjoyed writing this all out today!  It is a nice reminder to me how important it is to keep up this plan of action in my life.  It simply does none of us any good to be so bogged down and stressed out with worry over things in our lives.  Luke 12:25 says: Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? In fact, the Bible has a whole lot of interesting things to say about NOT worrying about things in our lives.  Check it out?

Next post we will continue with what to do with things we cannot or should not try to control.  I hope you all have a fun afternoon, evening or night - and 
happy dissecting and defining!!

 Love and blessings,
Mindy <3

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