Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crazy Decisions! Update Part II

Good afternoon to you! J  How are you all doing today?  Really good I hope!  Here in Massachusetts we are enjoying a much cooler weather change, with some nice soft rain.  Great walking or biking weather.  How about where you are?
Today we continue our discussion of 
Crazy Decisions!  
So far previously we have discussed there being a bigger picture, a bigger plan in our lives than what we know.  That before we were born, God had a purpose and a plan for us already figured out.  And that when we come to and accept this realization, we find a much deeper calm and peace in our lives.  
This means there are some things going on around us that we have control over and some things we don’t.  For me, the worry over what I can control and how, is very Crazy!

Over the years I have had to do some learning, some discovery on how to de-stress and let go of what I had no power over.  And I had to learn how to tell the difference.  So, here is where we pick up today…

    II.        Accept the fact that some things are out of our control
Yes, alas, it is true - there are just some things in life that are out of our control.  Realizing there are some things we can control and some things we cannot control is sometimes a difficult discovery and admission to make, (especially for control freaks like me :))but we all are better off when we do. Things such as the weather and weather disasters and famine across the world, actions and reactions of various other people, and certain diseases and illness would most likely fall under the cannot control category.  For some of us, we also don’t have much control over political issues, the economy, and interest rates (except exercising our right to vote!). 

However, some things ARE under our control.  Things such as knowing what the weather is going to do and how we will prepare for it, how to ward off certain illnesses, what not to say or do in order to not irritate or hurt other people, what we eat, how much we exercise, what we teach our children, where we are going to live and what we drive, what we are going to spend our hard earned dollars on, are all things most of us can pretty much control.  We can choose who our friends will be, we can control our own behaviors and much of our children’s behaviors.  To some extent we do have a say in what our children are taught in school, what issues our Representatives raise in Congress, who our President is.  We can help counsel in family and loved ones’ decisions.  

There are so many issues in our day to day lives that need consideration, but that doesn’t mean we personally must solve or control each of them.  If we let them, they will 
weigh us down and stress us out ugghh!
  until we can’t rationally decide upon anything.  And if you are like me, you develop awful migraines and other health issues from the worry and stress of it all.  
Yikes and YUK!!  
But not to worry! ;~p 
We can make good and healthy decisions, even on a daily basis, for ourselves involving what is realistically within our control and what is not.   
Once we decide which is and which is not, and set up an action plan for those decisions, then a little calm and less apprehension begins to flow through us.  And once we accept that we cannot realistically effect or change or control the outcome of a situation, then we must accept that and 
let it go.  
Worrying and stressing over it will not make it any better for any of us.

So, how exactly do we decide and act on those decisions?  And how do we just accept our non-control and let it go?  Good questions!!  Next post, let’s break it down… 

In the meantime, let's give some thought to those big, important issues or decisions that are swirling around in our minds, weighing us down and stressing us out.  Can you begin a list - or should I say 2 lists; 
1 for YES! I Can Control!
1 for NO!! I Cannot Control (and I don’t want to!)

What issues do you realistically have some control over? 
What issues should you have some control over?  
Write them on the first list.

What issues do you realistically NOT have any control over, 
or should you NOT have control over?  
Write them on the second list.

Next post: Decisions – breaking them down :/

Blessings and Peace,

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