Thursday, November 6, 2014

God is My Bowl of Cream of Wheat

   After experiencing my first dry, HOT Nevada summer, I am definitely enjoying this week’s burst of cooler, fall weather – yay!  How about you?  Waking up to a brisk 49 degrees (and after pulling out my warm, fur lined slippers), I find myself longing for a bowl of hot, satisfying Cream of Wheat! Mmmmm…Rich and creamy, made with milk and a touch of pure maple syrup for just a hint of sweetness, topped with dried cranberries and cinnamon toasted walnuts or pecans – oh yes! Just what my tummy is hungering for. 
Cream of Wheat for Blog 2
Mmmmm…that was SO good! Soothed me right up!
     As I was eating, I got to thinking this: my rich, delicious, soothing bowl of cream of wheat does for my tummy and body, just what my relationship with God does for my soul and my life. Oooooh yeeeeeaah!  Here’s how:
The thick, hot cream of wheat itself serves as my breakfast foundation; it’s the soothing, nutrient rich filler that lines my tummy and satisfies my hunger.  Just like my relationship with God.  Believing in God, allowing myself to love Him, and having deep faith, fills me up with goodness, satisfies my hunger for belonging and self-worthiness, soothes my battered soul and creates the rich foundation for everything in my life.
Maple Syrup 2The little touch of pure maple syrup serves as the wholesome little bit of sweetness I need to not crave delicious and tempting super fats like fried donuts and pies in the morning!!  This is like prayer – my conversations with God.  Talking with God fills me up with sweet love from my Maker, satisfying my craving for acceptance and love and all the very tempting but bad-for-me things in this world.  After imbibing in a little prayer time, I feel loved and renewed and good about myself, and relieved of the need to go out and seek the wrong kind of acceptance socially.Cranberries 1 comp
The cranberries lend a little bit of tartness just to liven things up. They get my orneriness and backbone going, just like God’s Word or Scripture does.  When I need a little strength and courage to do what needs to be done, I can always go to the Book and find that encouragement and backbone, and even a little direction for my day to day living.  Plus, cranberries are loaded with anti-oxidants and help improve immune function.  Scripture is also loaded with anti-oxidants for life, and applying God’s words to my life definitely improves my immunity to temptation. (smile smile)
Cinnamon compThe cinnamon adds a little spice for variety and flavor.  Just like my Christian service and ministry work.  I love the sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy flavor of cinnamon, and I love the sweet feelings and spicy variety I find in helping/doing nice things for others.  People and physical work can be great fun, but they can also be quite spicy!  But like cinnamon, mission work is full of variety and adds so much robust flavor to my life!Pecans
And, finally, the nuts give a little shot of protein, a little “meat” to cling to my tummy, which helps the rich cream of wheat fill me up, making me feel that much more satisfied and content.  This is just how I feel when I visit (fellowship) with other believers, whether socially or in church.  They back up and affirm my faith, helping to enrich and shore up my confidence and satisfaction in serving God.  And when I might falter, they are there to help carry me through the empty spots. These friends are God’s little helpers in making my life rich, happy, full and satisfying.
So there, you have it – God is my bowl of cream of wheat 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Something in the Water

     I came across this article yesterday and my heart was warmed as I read.  As I listened to the song, I found my feet tapping, my head nodding and my spirit lifting.  I felt renewed - in the words of the song, definitely, but also in the realization that a mega-superstar was unashamedly putting it all out there - her FAITH!
Go Carrie Underwood!!!!
     I say we need more of our superstar, high profile people, like Carrie Underwood, to vocally stand up for what they believe in, against the mega bullies who are trying to tear anything having to do with our Christianity and God down.
     And I'd also say it's time for us wishy washy, only-on-Sunday-Christians to wash up, armor up, Truth up, and speak up!  It's time to show in words and deeds (respectfully and without tromping others' rights and feelings) that True, real Christianity is not a dreaded disease to fear, but a good, honorable way of life, worthy of respect.  
And worthy of protecting.  
Who is with me?????
Every day, it seems that the cultural norm in this country is to attack Christianity. From bakers being forced to choose between adhering to their faith or shutting...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Morning Grace!

Good Sunday Morning!!

What are you thankful for today?

…I know, some days it seems very hard to pinpoint even just one thing to be thankful for.  But for today – I am so thankful and grateful for each and every person in my life who grants and gives me so much wonderful love, unconditionally and always, whenever I need it.  
I am blessed far beyond what I deserve!

So, thank YOU from the bottom of my heart, each one of you, 
for loving and supporting me, 
I am truly thankful. <3
Mindy <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saved by the Friendly Smile!

    Are you someone who’s very outgoing, with a ready smile and easily talk to people you don’t know? If you are, then have I ever got a job for you!

    We moved across the country this summer, so I have spent the last few months seeking out new “stomping grounds” so to speak - the grocery store, the mall, the post office, shoe stores, fun little shopping places to just sightsee, etc.  I’ve had a blast because I love being out amongst people and love exploring new places.  Here, there is a plethora of little clothing shops, grocery/convenience stores, resale/consignment stores, furniture and interior decorating shops, as well as every variety food/drink shops/restaurants/casinos.  Except for the casinos, you bet I have been making my rounds in exploration!  Until this past weekend, though, the one necessary place for me personally that I had not visited yet was a church.  Funny how the thought of visiting this one particular venue would leave me feeling apprehensive and nervous.  Can you relate?

    Well, last week I decided it was time I dug in and found a likely church to visit.  Since I am a praying person, I dutifully called up God and laid my petition at His feet; “Please oh my Father in Heaven, help me find the right church to attend – one that has great music, comfortable seats, makes me feel good, and is preferably not very far – Amen!” 

    After looking online for likely prospects, none jumped out at me.  Then a flyer came in the mail for a big church that sounded interesting, so excitedly I looked it up.  Wow - it looked and sounded amazing!  Good music, casual dress and there was even a plan a visit button on the webpage and I bit the bullet and clicked it! I entered the time/day that I would visit and hit the send button.  And the next day I got a reply back!  So, on Sunday, I strapped on my courage, carefully applied my batting-my-eye-lashes enhancer and pretty pink cheeks and smile, sprayed on my going-out half a can of hair spray, donned my confidence enhancing 5” platform heels (as I’m a shorty at 5’3”), my favorite dark wash jeans and flowy pretty top and away I went. 

    Of course, I was a little late leaving the house after all the primping and as I was driving, my nerves chimed in with worrying little comments like “your shoes are too bright,” “your jeans are too tight for church,” “your shirt is too sheer,” “they might not like your makeup,” “your hair is too poufy,” and so on.  You ever heard those annoying little voices? Ugghh!  But once again, I called up God and asked Him to prepare the way for me: “Oh please, God, help me get there, don’t let me turn around!  And please help me go in the right door and find the auditorium quickly and please let there be a seat right on the end of an aisle that I can just slip into.  And please, oh please let there be someone to direct me!”  

    Now, for anyone who knows me very well, they would not believe I would ever be or sound that insecure.  But sometimes I am.  Yep, I am.  Downright pathetic sometimes :) How about you - ever struggle with those feelings?  Seriously, I think we all do, right?

    Well, I get to the church, I find a close up spot in “First-time Visitor parking,” and there’s a big door marked #1 right in front of me, and a slew of people are walking toward and through it.  Awesome! No problem, I got this. 

    I get to the door and a friendly gentleman opens it and gives me a smiling “hello.”  Nice!  I walk in and look around and see a ton of people milling about – yikes!! This is getting a little scary…now what?  Well…as I hesitantly look around, I notice that all these people seem to be smiling and laughing and they look friendly – oh…hmmm…I might like this! And there to my right is a big sign “Auditorium” and thankfully I enter.  Wow – it’s dim, it’s huge, it’s full, but the most amazing music is reverbing off the walls and beautiful colors are streaming the platform where a band is swaying and moving and singing and playing their hearts out!  And it’s loud and vibing and perfectly beautiful!  And they are singing about God!  And my heart is at once happy.

    But I need to find a seat – oh no – where??? There must be a thousand people in here!  I begin to walk down the far right isle, my nerves jangling and a little claustrophobia grabs a hold of me.  Oh, God, I’m not going to find a seat!  But no worries - a nice lady with a big smile motions to a few empty seats inside her row.  Oh thank you Ma’am! I squeeze into the row, but find I have an empty seat on either side of me – thank You God – I will be ok while I get my first-time-there bearings – whew!

    The music is fantastic and stirs my heart, my spirt, and reminds me how much I have been missing this the last few months.  I get lost in it.  The pastor gets up (in his jeans and button down shirt) and lets us know that he is not there because he is the pastor – no, he is there because he is a mess without God, just like the rest of us.  He’s just like the rest of us.  But God cleans us up.  All of us.  Yes, me too.  You, too. No matter who we are or what kind of mess we are in.  I feel so good.  My insecurities fade away.

    The service ends and I walk into the atrium wondering how will I find the welcome center to meet the lady from the email.  Eeeeek there are so many people and I can’t see anything! Hammering heart! Oh no – I must look stupid - and in my hesitance I’m getting in everyone’s way!  What do I do??? Maybe I should just find the door and leave.  Oh, but I really like this place, I really would like to meet someone and feel like I belong.  I need to belong somewhere.  Then I hear a cheery “Can I help you find something?” I look and there is a good looking, smiling, 30-something guy looking right at me.  He has a name tag around his neck and is in jeans too!  Oh thank You again, God!

    To make a long story short (or at least short-ER) he directs me and after the assistance of several smiling, friendly people, I find the Visitor area and more smiling, friendly faces.  The most lovely, friendly lady assisted me, loading me with info, CD, books, etc, and not one, but two big hugs! Wow – I feel so GOOD!

    Thanks to all the friendly, smiling, willing to help people, my nerve-wracking adventure turned into a glorious experience I will remember always.  And I think I may have found my new church home, my place to belong J

    So, the moral of the story – and the job I have for you is this - be friendly! While out enjoying yourself with friends, coworkers, etc, be alert to those around you.  Reach out with your bright, inviting smile and give a friendly “hello” to someone you see.  You never know who might be feeling insecure and in need of a little encouragement or direction from a friendly face.  Who knows, you might just keep someone from running back home insecure and afraid - like me!  And you know - even better yet - become a volunteer and share your awesomeness with many J
Love and peace - Mindy

Thursday, September 11, 2014

We, As a People, Remember

On this 13th Anniversary of September 11th:

We, as a people, remember.
To all those grieving, all those who lost a beloved Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Partner, Daughter, Son, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Cousin, friend, co-worker, pet, or acquaintance, 13 years ago in the terrorists’ acts against the United States of America – your loss is important to us; America, as a people, remember, and we grieve with you.  May you find comfort and peace in your heart and may God surround you and envelope you with loving people to comfort and uphold you today.  May you know that God holds each and every one of your precious tears in His bottle, for He cares for you and your loss.
For those of another faith, or no faith – your loss is just as important to us: America, as a people, grieves with you.  We pray that on this 13th anniversary of the terrorists’ acts against the United States of America, you find comfort and peace in your heart, and that you, too, are surrounded and enveloped with loving people to comfort and hold you up today.  You matter.  Your loss matters.
We, as a people, as Americansopen our hearts, our eyes, and our mouths today as together we shed tears and words of loss and grief.
For we, as a people, as Americans, remember.
 We, as a people, as Americans, are the United States of America – and we must unite - from sea to shining sea!  With our hearts and minds united in brotherhood, we will raise our Star Spangled Banner to yet waive!  And through our Country’s dark nights, sharing our tears and pain we’ll forge strength, and from our strength we’ll find courage; with our courage we’ll seek wisdom and fight for Truth.  And United in Truth, we shall win Liberty, Justice, and Freedom!
In the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave
The United States of America
Let Freedom Ring!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Re-Define my Freedom of Speech???

         Okay – anyone else out there dismayed at all the seemingly mean, insensitive, even outright heartlessly cruel comments and posts on social media these days? Good Lord, what on earth are people thinking?  I just don’t get how people can so easily and carelessly say such brutal, hurtful things, obliviously crushing each other’s feelings. 

         We see this kind of ridicule or “bullying” on teen’s pages regularly and chalk it up to behavior acceptable for the seeking-out-who-I-am teen years. Though most of us don’t necessarily care for this behavior, even from our teens, we have come to expect it.
What I didn’t expect, however, is this kind of careless crushing coming from supposed adults.  Reading comments under news headings this week my eyes were jolted open and my heart stunned.  Under a Facebook article announcing the new Dancing With the Stars cast, I was blown away by comments of dislike, ridicule, cruelly dissecting the “Stars,” and outright hatred towards some of them, as well as the show itself.  One of the tamer comments that really bugged me was something to the effect of why do producers always put _________ with Stars that he can’t win with, why don’t they sometimes put the old ones with _____.  After reading that comment, I couldn’t help but wonder what the “Star” paired with _________ would feel after reading that.  If it was me, my feelings would be totally crushed!  To think that someone whom I have never harmed, someone whom I have probably never met, who doesn’t know me would publically call me a looser – What was that commenter thinking??? How could they publicly post a comment like that? And, again, that was a very nice comment compared to others.                                        

          No, I just don’t get it.  I wonder; how would any of those commenters feel if any of those remarks were made to or about them? Would they be upset?  Would their feelings be hurt? Would they feel it was just “free speech?”

         So, this morning I can’t help thinking that this sums up the largest problem in our country today; the anesthetizing of Americans.  We seem to just blurt out whatever is on our minds, uncaring or oblivious to how it will affect the recipient of our words.  No, we don’t seem to care about the feelings of others any more.  Gone are the days of considering our words before we say them.  Gone are the days of putting another’s feelings before our own.  And sadly (I can’t believe I’m saying sadly to this), I haven’t even heard the dreaded “just kidding” after a hurtful comment lately.

Yes, it would seem, gone are the days of loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

         Seeking some wise words this morning (from Wisemen, Scholars, etc.) which give direction on caring for other’s feelings, I came across a Biblical verse that seemed to hit the mark: Galatians 5:13-14 (NIV). 
13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh[a]; rather, serve one another humbly in love. 14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Then verse 15 says: If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.
That seems to be exactly what we are doing – biting and devouring each other with our words. 
So, will we completely destroy each other with our words, with our Freedom of Speech?
For me, that is too scary to think about.  Therefore, today, I am sweating out the worldly anesthesia I have allowed to numb my senses.  I commit to once again being mindful of other’s feelings, as well as my own.  I renew my efforts to think before I write or speak and refrain from making casual, hurtful remarks.
Yes, today, I purpose to love my neighbor as I love myself,
In not only my actions, but in my words as well.
Today, I redefine my own Freedom of Speech.
What about you - will you sweat out your anesthesia today?
Will you join me in a personal redefining of your Freedom of Speech?
Think about it <3

Monday, July 28, 2014


Reading this woman's experience (article below) made me cry…
…cry because even though I have never been what most women would call overweight, I have obsessively struggled to be and remain "thin" my entire life. Like this woman, I have bought into the worldview of what "beauty" looks like and found myself lacking
         But the last 2 yrs as I struggled with an injury, not able to physically exercise much and gained 10 lbs, along with seeing the signs of an aging body, I have had to learn to accept myself more.  I have come to realize and accept that I have EARNED every single one of my "dimples", "sags", "wrinkles", "dark spots", “age spots”, etc.  Like the wonderful, beloved-by-her-children woman in the article below, I have unconditionally loved my children, have romped with them, have sacrificed for them, have cried with them, have held them, spent TIME with them, and did my best to LOVE them as a Mommy should. 
         And like this beautiful woman, these characteristics and joyful givings from my heart have made me beautiful. They have made my life beautiful.  YES, I can say that now! I AM beautiful - with the kind of beauty that matters. Who cares if I don't wear a size 2 or 4 anymore, or if my abs are flat, or if I still have a nice thigh gap - being obsessed over being, having, and keeping those things doesn't allow enough time to love my children properly every day and be an attentive, giving partner for my husband. 
         Like this gorgeous wonderful woman in this article, I choose to be truly beautiful and concentrate on the things that are realistically and ultimately important: my kids, my husband, and the special people in my life.  And the time left over after I have loved them ALL as they deserve will be devoted to being as physically healthy as I can be.  
         True beauty is what is in the inside, the characteristics of the heart.  And the most beautiful of these is truly loving and giving love to those who are around us.  Exterior physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is just icing on the cake!
         And we all know that cake doesn't have to be beautifully decorated to be delicious <3

Friday, July 11, 2014

Grief Has Gripped Me Today: A Note to My Family

It has been 20 years since my little Tommy died, but today would have been his 30th birthday.
A milestone.
It seems it is the milestone days that still grab a hold of me;
The anniversary of the accident; his birthdays; His special days.  My special days. 
I think about him on these days and wonder, “What would Tommy think about this?” Or like today, I wonder what kind of cake and decorations would he have wanted for his big 30th birthday?  Would turning 30 have bothered him? I can’t help thinking these things.  I remember my daughter’s 30th birthday 2 years ago and how much I enjoyed plotting with her BFF.  How much I enjoyed sharing the milestone and excitement with her, by phone, texts, and pictures.  How much fun it was!! 
Memories I will cherish forever.
But today, I don’t get to do that with my son. 
This is what hurts; not getting to share these special days with my son.
It’s not that I wish he was back here on earth with me; no, I believe - I know - he is in Heaven with his father, his Papa, and his Heavenly Father and living it up, happy and fulfilling his ultimate purpose.  I am so happy for that!  I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about him and his well-being anymore.
But I miss him! Oh how I miss him still!
 I miss having the opportunity to share these special milestone days with him. 
I miss getting to make new memories with him. 
Like the milestone of getting his driver’s license, and graduating from high school; or the fun of meeting his girlfriends and contemplating his getting married, or his actual wedding!  Or holding his new baby for the very first time – Lord, I’ll never have that sweet, precious blessing.  All these precious memories I didn’t/won’t get to make and keep with my sweet little boy, Tommy. 
Who would have been 30 years old today.
That’s what I grieve for – the missed memories.
The promise of each of those sweet, life-bringing memories, whispers through your heart the moment you lay your eyes on that tiny, fresh new miracle for the very first time.  He takes his first breath outside of your warm protecting womb and your Mommy hopes and dreams take breath and soar! You are that little exquisite miracle’s Mommy!

When you lose that child, a part of yourself leaves too.  But you’re still left cradling that exquisite little box inside of you that holds all those sweet promises of life giving memories that are yet to come. 
But when the memory-making day comes, or the days that should have been memory-making days, you can’t seem to comprehend; your heart cannot understand – because the reason for that special day is somehow not here; he was – but somehow now he’s gone!  There’s no life or breath to give to that memory.  That memory that you looked so forward to, now will never be.
That is what a grieving Mommy grieves for. Not to have her beloved child back to suffer on this earth – no!  But to have life breathed back into that little box of memories, to live and experience each of those exquisite little promises with that beautiful little miracle that was her child. 
To keep making and living those life-giving memories secretly promised the day he was born.

Yes, grief has gripped me today.
But I have pulled out my exquisite little box of memories already made and am filling up with the life-breath they are breathing into me.  I’m smiling and my heart is glad!
And then I sob.
My heart is overwhelmed and begins to break apart again. 
And I sob.
But then I remember – I have these memories.  And they can be enough.
I feel relief. 
The burden, swollen and heavy, is lightened once again.
And I cry again.
But it’s ok. 
Because I know I need to cry – tears to relieve the hurting, to release once again the broken promise of what this day might have been; to help me accept what my box of memories will now never hold.
So, tears go ahead and fall.  Yes, at first you were Pain, but now you are Healing.
Each of you land in a broken part of me and with enough of you given, you‘ll hold me together again.  And I‘ll live and breathe and smile once again.

Yes, I am different; there are scars from the loss.  But with time they fade and don’t hurt as much. 
So, please let me cry to relieve the hurt.  And remember those memory days – will be the worst.  If my child was still here, today would be all about him, so allow me to spend today in memory of him.  And please remember that when he died, he didn’t cease being the child I birthed.  For in my little exquisite box of memories called Tommy, there are 9 full years of promises fulfilled; 9 full years of dreams come true; 9 full years of the life and love that was Tommy; 9 full years of me being that little exquisite boy’s Mommy!

So let me grieve a little – or a lot - for a little boy full of love.  Let me release those built up tears that will heal my wound.  Remember, that like a broken bone, time heals, but still leaves a scar, and on a cold winter’s day, that scar will ache.  So like an athlete, we must adjust and make allowances for those cold winter days and that cold winter ache. 
So, yes, I’ll have cold winter days and my scar will ache, but I’ll pull out my warm little box of memories and breathe them in.  My tears will fall, but when my heart warms with memories, the cold ache will fade.  And I’ll smile again - until the next cold winter’s day.

Yes, grief will grip me from time to time, but with your tender understanding – I’ll be fine.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mountains of Love

          Many of us have specific days, weeks, or months each year, which commemorate a life, a death, an event in our lives, which each year catch our hearts, our breath, our thoughts, and makes life tough to get through for that day, week, month.  After much time, many years maybe, these days get a little easier to get through, yes, sometimes we can even carry on with just the vague remembrance pushed to the back of our minds.  But do our hearts ever forget that day, week, month, completely? No.
               But, yes, we can get to a point where these days, weeks, months bring mostly a fond remembrance, a sweet tug at our heart, a quiet but nice time of reflection on what used to be.
               Beginning today, July 6th, begins a day and a week such as this for my family.  It was a July 6th that my children’s Daddy, Tommy Joe Pruett, died when he ran his pick-up truck off the road and crashed.  Because he was a Purple Heart Decorated Vietnam Veteran, with subsequent, sometimes severe PTSD, the days after his crash were filled with questions on how/why he ran off that road.  No real answers ever came.  And after much deliberation and grief, the family decided to wait and bury him on July 11th, which was my son’s, Tommy Joe Pruett II, birthday – my son who died in a tragic school bus accident some years previously.  In our minds, this would be sort of a birthday present to my son in Heaven, to officially give his Daddy back to him on his birthday.

This was the one little scrap of joy we could pull out of the desperately sad situation,
to place in our desperately hurting hearts, to help us cope.

               Looking back on that time, 13 years ago, I see the grief filled eyes, I feel the numbing pain of disbelief – yes – BUT – I also see the LOVE; the mountains of love between a family and the lifetime of friends, gathered to mourn, but also to love – to love the grieving hearts through the difficult days.  I see the love of a family for their beloved son, husband, father. 
               Today, and this week, I choose to remember that love – that beautiful love of a family, of a community, of a life I once lived - and loved.  I choose not to remember the questions, the discrepancies, the disagreements and turmoil.  I will remember the Pruett Family with love and gratefulness for the years they held me in love, within their family.  And though this week I will grieve with them, for 2 beloved family members, I will also rejoice with them in the time God gave me – us – with my first husband, Tommy, and my son, Tommy II. 
Yes, this week I wrap myself up in the

 Mountains of Love <3

Monday, June 30, 2014

Free to Believe

     Considering today, the momentous and historical Supreme Court Decision involving Hobby Lobby and contraception, and the wild array and ends of the spectrum comments/tweets/posts regarding this decision, I’d like to say this:
     If you would like your employer to pay for your “emergency contraception” or “morning after pill” or “week after pill” then in America you are free to work for a company that is not in conflict with providing those to you. If we want the freedom to participate in the use of this type of (religiously controversial) birth control, then we also have to allow others the freedom to NOT participate in the use of it. It goes both ways.
     As in all our life choices – work for, associate with, socialize with, spend your life with those who share your beliefs. In America, we are free to choose and practice what we believe – as long as it does not harm another – and we have the right to NOT be ridiculed nor injured for (safely) practicing those beliefs.
     Hobby Lobby is an openly Christian, family owned and run business, conscientiously trying to put into practice what they believe.  It has been documented that they are good to, and provide very good benefits for their employees, including much better than average beginning pay.  And they do willingly provide common birth control – what they object to is “emergency contraception” such as the morning after pill and the week after pill, because the results of using them would conflict with their spiritual beliefs on abortion.  They provide numerous local charity benefits in the communities surrounding each of their stores, and close early during the week and are closed on Sundays so that their employees can have more family time.
What I would like to know is this:
1).  If a person has such differing views/beliefs than a place of business, so much so that it causes conflict within said person, why would this person want to work in this business? Wouldn’t it be better for them personally to obtain employment in a business they are more comfortable with?
2).  Why would anyone want to boycott and make flounder one of the few businesses today that provides so much good for their employees and communities, one that gives back and truly cares about them? And all because this business doesn’t believe it should provide an emergency abortion pill free of charge?  This makes no sense to me.
How about you?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Be The Change

I am a proud Mommy this week!
 I was overjoyed to travel to Oxford, Ohio to watch and celebrate with my daughter as she graduated from Miami University with her Bachelor of Social Work. Tiffany has worked hard toward this degree for many years, being delayed many times due to life circumstance.  The ups and downs, the joys and setbacks, the victories and frustrations of being the wife of an Iraqi wounded warrior took their toll. But she dug in, refused to give up, gave it all she had, and she did it!!
Miami University is no slouch school - known for its academic excellence - and she managed to graduate Cume Laude!  
While working part time on top of everything else.  
Tiffany began in the Farmer Business College as a business major, but as time went by, as she and her wounded warrior husband experienced the frustrating, greatly lacking medical resources and care available to our veterans, she changed her major to Social Work, with a minor in business.  She plans to work with the Veteran's Administration, serving and giving care to our country's valiant heroes who desperately need much additional help.  She will begin grad school this fall as she also volunteers, and eventually plans to obtain her PhD in social work, going into research, to help evaluate and create the right resources for the care and healing of our Wounded Warriors.
Through the years, Tiffany saw and experienced the neglect of our Military heroes, saw and experienced the need for better resources and better care.  She saw the need for change - and is putting herself in place to be the change. As many students do for graduation, she decorated the top of her cap with a personal statement or message.
 For Tiffany it is: "Be the Change You Wish to See."

No empty words here.  
As I reflect upon my week with Tiffany, my sweet, caring, amazing daughter, I am inspired. I am rejuvenated and stoked to go out and "be the change" somewhere, somehow; to make a difference, in whatever way I can.
After all, if we are not willing to do/be something, no matter how big or small, to make a difference, then how will any change ever occur?
What change do you wish to see?  What can you do to make a difference?  
What can you do to be that change?
Thank you, Tiffany, my greatest blessing, for showing your Mommy how to do something amazingly right.
I love you forever <3

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Living in the Difference

A question to ponder: Am I whitewashed and living plain, or am I in full color and living the difference? Which is real, and which do I prefer?  And what exactly is real in this world?  Is there a difference?  And what is the difference?  Hmmmm…

Ponder the words of this awesome song:
The Difference
For You came to me
In a whitewashed time
Nothing was real,
Nothing worth a dime
Went through my days
Just getting by
Nothing to show
Or testify
Nothing to testify.
But then I heard You say,
“I made you, you are Mine,
Rise up and shine”
“Open your eyes and see
The colors I have made to be,
Change your white to bright
And make a difference
Yeah, change your white to bright
and go make a difference”
So, let the oceans roar
Let the earth cry out
The Lord is real
 Yeah yeah
Let my voice raise high
Let my heart cry out
This joy I feel
So yeah, I opened my eyes
And looked around me,
And now I see
God, You are real
And all around me
I have a call
A difference to make
A purpose to fill
And not for my sake
So, yeah, I changed my white to bright
And now my heart can see
The colors you made
And purpose for me
Yeah, a purpose for me
and victory 
I changed my white to bright
And now I see
The difference you made
The difference for me
 So, let the oceans roar
Let the earth cry out
The Lord is real
Let my voice raise high
Let my heart cry out
This love I feel
So, let the oceans roar
Let the earth cry out
This love is real
The Lord is real
And now I feel
I was meant to be
To make a difference,
Yeah, to make a difference
To make a difference…
 You see?
“I made you, you are Mine,
Rise up and shine”

MIndy with TLW Girls Heart comp
Jeremiah 1:5 – “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…”
Jeremiah 31:3 – “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn (made) you with lovingkindness.”
Isaiah 41:3 – “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine!”
 John 8:32 – “…and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”
 Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Have you changed your white to bright?  Do you wanna make a difference? Let’s do it! Now’s the time! 
Let’s live in the difference!!
 Poster collage