Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lover of My Soul

This morning I find myself looking in awe, out the windows of this nature wonderland in which I live.  My heart is stirred deeply into my soul – and the words and the notes to the song, “How Great Thou Art” begin sweetly playing in my spirit.  

 I look out the tall windows and see the thick surrounding border of tall, pines and varied vibrantly green trees that is my back yard, flowing back into a lush tree conservation area;

As I look out, the sun begins to crest the treetops, leaving dancing little fluorescent spots and spotlights on the deep grass and assorted blooming bushes around the yard;

I see the succulent raspberries in various shades of red and pink, the promise of blueberries newly budding in their small, round clusters;
The little sections of landscaped plants, trees and conversation areas, inviting me to come and sit - rest a bit, bending my nose to take in the fragrance, or lift my face into the glorious warming sunshine;

And the flowers – oh my – the beautiful, ever unfolding, smiling, dancing, weeping, laughing, fragrant, lovely flowers – all around the yard – front, back, sides – everywhere!!

 I hear and see a symphony now, the notes and words – How Great Thou Art! Leaping and flowing and frolicking around in my heart and mind and through my very soul! Oh, what a glorious vision!   

From early spring, the field of vibrant yellow daffodils, leading into the orange faced white daffodils, then one after another, all throughout the summer – beautiful splashes of new color, various races, all shapes and sizes and kinds and colors; sprouting, budding, unfolding – telling a wonderful story of life and renewal.  

Oh my, Ann, how your soul must have rejoiced at planning, planting and watching grow, this magnificent display of God’s earthy beauty for our eyes and hearts to behold and take pleasure in!  Thank you so much for the massive amounts of time you must have given to create this visually stunning, heart enthralling, soul satisfying beauty.  Thank you for allowing us to share in your marvelous creation of your little bit of heaven on earth.  

 And, yes, thank you, God, for You are the Master Landscaper, the Master Creator, the Master Lover of all things good.  And the kind Lover of my soul.  Deeply, I thank You.   

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