Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hotline to God

Good morning! Or afternoon, or evening!
My, what a lovely (but already very warm) morning it is here in Massachusetts.  It’s a nice feel-good moment looking out my kitchen window at the sun breaking through the trees, dancing little patterns on the lawn.  Good time for morning reflection and meditation on something good!

 I don’t know about you – how you start your days – maybe hitting the alarm, jumping in the shower, then gulping down a cup of coffee as you jump in the car and begin the harrowing commute to work? Or maybe hit the gym or the walking track for an invigorating work out before the stress of the day begins?
I am well acquainted with both of those!

These days, however, after getting my husband off to work, I enjoy the serenity of sitting with a cup of fragrant, flavored coffee, looking out over the scenic beauty of my yard, the surrounding tree conservation area, and reflecting on what I can be grateful for.  

I am a deep believer of prayer – whether on my knees or just heart communication with God throughout my day, and this time of the morning, when my heart is fullest, my prayer comes very easy.  There are those times, though, when emotions may be running too heavy, or my mind is very tired, or I just don’t feel like a deep prayer.  So then I begin with the perfect example God gives us, to shape a beautiful and effective prayer. 

Here, I give my version of this heart-lifting prayer, which I pray when I am having trouble forming my own prayer.  This, BTW, is from Matthew 6:9-13 NASB Study Bible.

Our Father who is in heaven, (Dear God, my heavenly Father)
Hallowed be Your name. 
(Hallowed be Your wonderful, loving, kind, beautiful name, O Lord.  I worship You, yes, I do praise You Father, for I know You are good!)
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 
(Thank You God, for this beautiful promise and relief in the knowledge that one day, Your goodness will reign on this earth, just like it is in heaven right now.  I look so forward to that day!)
Give us this day our daily bread. 
(Lord, I pray that You will continue to provide my daily needs, and those also of my loved ones.  And I thank You, God, for doing so, so abundantly!  My cup runneth over! But thank you also, God, for sometimes allowing my "cup" to empty out, because sometimes I need that tough reminder to not take things for granted and to keep working toward my goals.  And thank you for always being faithful to fill my cup back up after it has been running on empty!)
And forgive us our debts (sins), as we also have forgiven our debtors (those who have sinned against us).  (Please forgive me of my sins, God, and help me do better.  Help me walk more closely with You and be more mindful of doing good.  Forgive me for desiring things that are not good for me, forgive me for harboring bad feelings in my heart towards others.  Please help me forgive those who hurt me, and who hurt my loved ones, without holding grudges against them. Please help me always remember that You say vengeance is Yours, that You will repay! {Hebrews 10:30})
And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. 
(And lead me not into temptation, God, but please open my eyes and give me wisdom and discernment to see the temptation of things not good for me, as the bad or harmful things they are.  And please give me strength and courage to turn and walk away from that temptation – without looking back and desiring it! And please God, keep the evil and the harmful things away from me and my family! Guide and protect us, Lord.)
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. 
(For You reign oh God, You have the ultimate power over all, and You alone are worthy of glory and worship.  And I will worship You and dwell in Your house, forever!)
Amen.  Amen.
Prayed up and fixed up - ready for the day!!

Have a beautiful and wonderful day,
and blessings on your prayer,

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