Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey, how's it going today?

Wow, I can’t believe it is February 1st already!  Where did January go – or 2012, for that matter??

I love February though – it is the month of Love.  I love Love!  I love the feeling of Love, the colors of Love, the atmosphere of Love.  Everything about Love.  Oh yes, I LOVE Love!

But…oh yes, for a moment there will be a small “but.” For all those times when we feel love let us down, or the love of our lives let us down, or when that love just up and left us completely – ugghh!  Yep, I’ve had my share of that.  And, no, I didn’t particularly love love during those times. As a matter of fact, I was pretty devastated with fleeting love, pretty heartbroken with cheating love, and almost drowned in sorrow with love halted forever I even vowed to not ever get involved with love again, of any kind!  Ummm…vowed that many times actually. And then gave in.  Again. And again.)

Whewww – thank goodness that was one vow I just couldn’t keep –
until I found the Real Thing!

So, yes, losing out on love, or maybe never even truly experiencing Love, seems to be a part of life which most of us just simply have to experience and deal with.  Seems like during the month of February, the loss of romantic love, or the unrequited love tugs on our hearts even a little stronger.  Especially around the 14th?  I know. 

Valentine’s Day for me, for many years was not a lovely, pink and red and
chocolaty, frilly lovely kind of day.

No, being a single mom for 9 years didn't allow for much dating or moments of Love (except from my 2 beautiful babies!). And though I have been happily married for many years now, sometimes it still isn’t. 

With a brainiac technically-minded engineer husband,
little romantic gestures and gifts can be a little few and far between.

Fellow engineer wives will know exactly what I mean.

So…I don’t know about you, but I get tired of feeling let down, left out, or plain ignored when it comes to love and loving things.  I get tired of depending on someone else to alleviate those feelings, don’t you? 

I mean, really, does it take having a romantic partner to validate my individual lovability?  Seriously?


I am totally and completely, all over, 100% lovable!  (well – maybe not quite 100%, but close)  And realistically – I don’t actually need a box of chocolates (as yummy as they may be), a bouquet of flowers (as beautiful and wonderfully scented as they may be), nor a line of fluffy, flattering words (as much as I love to hear them) to confirm my beauty or lovability. I don't really even need a sexy, frilly little something to wear to make me feel beautiful or wanted, though the reminder is great!
And neither do you!!!

As much as I love to receive these awesome and wonderful, self-worth boosting, put-a-smile-on-my-face gifts, they are in fact just a nice reminder of what I already know.  And having a romantic partner – for me, a husband – is a happy journey I am very thankful for, but it is truly an additional fine reminder of what I already know;

I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
With Lovingkindness
By my Creator, who knew me and Loved me,
Even before He placed me in my mother’s womb.
And He Loves me with an
Everlasting Love,
Which means forever
No matter what.
No matter who I am or what I have done.
I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.
For He Loves me - for all time.

(Psalm 139:14 & 16, Jeremiah 1:5, Jeremiah 31:3,)

So, in this month of love, remember, you are not alone, you are Loved and very Beloved, and you always will be, from and by the greatest Love of all time – the One who FIRST Loved you and will always Love you, from the One who formed, designed and created you, Who purposefully placed you in your mother’s womb and knows you better than anyone else.  God.  This is the Love you have been longing for and is the foundation and fountain of all other loves in your life.

So, in this month of love, why not take a leap of love and consider beginning or deepening your relationship with your first Love, your Beloved, God, who Loves you and desires a meaningful, one-on-one relationship with you.  He is your all-time Love interest and partner, not just in romance, but in life.   All you have to do is talk to Him.  Reach out now, He is there, waiting for you.  Tell Him you would like His Love now.  And once you have accepted His Love, and placed Him in your heart, He will never leave you and He will always Love you.  No matter what.  And He will help you with all the other loves in your life.  That simple; all you have to do is ask Him, and then let Him.

With great Love,

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