Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mindful Days

Hello again from me - I know - it's been a while, a LONG while.  
Sorry - I have been procrastinating again - ugghhh!! Why I do that, I don't know. 
But instead of beating myself up about it (which I seem to do a lot) I am going to post a thought or two that have been rolling around in my head the last few days as I contemplated my life, my mistakes, my accomplishments, my intentions and my mentors.  I came across this Verse and thought it went very well with my thoughts:

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.

My  hopeful interpretation:
Teach us to number our days, to be mindful of each day, making the very best of each day – learning and doing what is right, and turning away from that which is wrong;
Concentrating on the gratitude’s we do have and not what we don’t have;
Loving those in our lives completely, giving all of ourselves, drawing our joy from these relationships;
Being happy with who we are, who God created us to be, and not trying to be or emulate someone else or what/who the world says we should be, especially for monetary gain or social position;
Being in service to our fellow man, being willing and eager to step out and lend a helping hand when needed;
NEVER bullying or willfully harming another, physically or emotionally in any way, no matter the pressure or reason to do so;
May we choose our role models carefully – from those who exemplify qualities of great character;
Walking our own conscientious path and standing up for what we believe;
Overall, rejecting folly - rather gaining wisdom, which is the highest and most attractive quality and worthy to be revered!

Lord, teach me to number my days so that I may collect Your wisdom and be pleasing in Your sight.
May each of you enjoy learning to number your days and gain lots and lots of beautiful wisdom!!!!!
Until next time - hopefully tomorrow!
Blessings and much Love <3

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