Friday, August 9, 2013

Work Hard, Do Good - Even on Friday??

Good Friday Morning to you!!!
Thank goodness we have another day to work hard, do good, learn a lot, and make a difference!! 
(lol - that is how we are supposed to spend our days, right? 
Even Fridays?  :)
So, I'm off in a rush this morning, but I read these words (below) from a previous post and they hit me this morning, right in my heart, where I know I have forgotten them, or have allowed them to get covered in the little dust mites of my "me world."  Yes, in spite of all my good intentions, my "me world" yet lives on - ugh!
(Can you relate?)
So, once again I will dust off the do good part of my heart (and brain) and nourish them with these  words of wisdom.  I feel better - more energized and hopeful -  by just committing to live them for today.  How about you?  read on...

Psalm 90:12
Teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.

My realistic interpretation (daily) of those Words:
Teach us to number our days (having an awareness that we actually won't live forever)
To be mindful of each day, making the very best of it (realizing that we may not get a chance for "do-overs")
Learning and doing what is right, and turning away from what is wrong 
(this will give us a cleaner conscience, meaning less fear to weigh us down and stress us out!)
Concentrating on the gratitudes we do have and not what we don’t have 
(in so doing, we will find the peace in contentment, and the happiness of living - 
no matter what we have or have not :)
Loving those in our lives completely, giving all of ourselves, drawing our joy from these relationships 
(no matter how we would like to disagree sometimes - as humans, we are at our ultimate happiness when we are giving and loving others with everything we have to give.  We have been designed that way and simply can't get around it <3  And it makes the world a better, happier place too :0)
Being happy with who we are, who God created us to be, and not trying to be or emulate someone else or what/who the world says we should be, especially for monetary gain or social position
 (we are all different parts of a squeaky wheel, and it takes all these different parts to make that squeaky wheel work and go around.  If one part stops doing its job and tries to do another part's job, then the wheel breaks down.  Be yourself.  God endowed us each one with the necessary personality and aptitudes to be who He created each of us to be, in order to accomplish what each of us is supposed to accomplish)
Being in service to our fellow man, being willing and eager to step out and lend a helping hand when needed (this of course is our ultimate purpose in life - to help one another make it on this road trip called Life)
NEVER bullying or willfully harming another, physically or emotionally in any way, no matter the pressure or reason to do so! 
No explanation needed here - just DON'T do it! Ever!
May we choose our role models carefully – from those who exemplify qualities of great character
(for if we are not careful, we might find ourselves compromising and losing our own good character - yikes!)
Walking our own conscientious path and standing up for what we believe
(you know the saying: if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything)
Overall, walking away from foolishness, instead concentrating on worthwhile, meaningful things, gaining skills and wisdom for our future, as well as for God's earth, purposes and people. 

Lord, teach me to number my days so that I may collect Your wisdom, and in so doing, make a real difference in someone's life, and in our world.
So, will you join me in doing a little dusting in our hearts with the shining polish of these wise words?
Go out and make it a great day!

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