Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wow, I can't believe I'm in Boston (Lexington) Massachusetts to actually live! What a dream life it was on the tropical and beautiful Island of Kwajalein for 5 1/2 years. Warm weather and sunshine year round was amazing. Riding bikes for transportation and having no cell phones was fun and relaxing. I already miss all our great friends, and I especially miss everyone from the Chapel. Pastor Jon - I could use one of your little mini-sermonettes right now!

But that life is done, new adventures await here in Boston - I can't wait to get started!

And get started we did - with lots of decisions, which of course caused tons of stress!!

And do you think I relaxed and took one thing at a time, relying on God's strength and wisdom to accomplish each decision and task??? Of course not...

But the thing is...God takes such good care of me anyway - He is so awesome and faithful - even when I don't deserve it! You know, I don't know why I work myself up into WORRY and anxiety all the time, over just plain STUFF. And then it's not until I'm in a desperate migraine mode before I remember to talk to God and ask for His help. Why in the world do I wait sometimes until I am a total nervous wreck, being mean to my husband, before I remember to look up for help? Well, here's the scoop:

We arrived in Boston on Thursday evening. Bill was set to begin his new job on Monday. So, we basically had 2 days to (1) find a place to live- one that would allow our cat, (2) find/buy a car - we're in a rental, (3)find an insurance agent and insure house and new car (4) find a sleep store and buy a new bed and set up for delivery once we find house (5) shop for a week's worth of business casual WARM clothing for Bill, (6) get utilities set up and paid for new place to live. I know I have forgotten many other little things that seemed to take forever to work out, but those were the biggest items on the immediate agenda.

Now mind you, Bill is an electrical engineer; engineers are famous for being extremely frugal and technically and logically minded. In other words, don't think with your emotions and don't spend one penny more than the bare minimum on anything!! Okay...well, I am a very emotional and frou-frou person. Not really high maintenance, but definitely particular, and I have a hard time keeping things simple. Needless to say, my husband and I didn't agree on anything in our house and car hunting. So we didn't accomplish very much, very quickly. Uggghhh!

We met with our relocation Realtor on Friday morning. Narrowed house choices down to 3, but of course Bill's favorite was my least favorite, and my favorite was his least favorite. Uuuugggghhhh again!!! We discussed and retreated, and discussed and retreated and discussed some more. We had to make a decision that day, and after more than a week of travel and very little sleep we were at a stalemate. I finally retreated to the bedroom (in our hotel) with a headache and in desperation, and a few tears, cried out to God to please help us, to please show me what to do. I wanted to do the right thing, and I wanted my husband to be comfortable wherever he lived, but I hated the place he wanted. But I didn't want to just be stubborn, and I wanted the decision over with. But I didn't want to live somewhere I didn't like.

So, I sent my plea up to God, shed a few final tears and then suggested we go look at my favorite place again and see if Bill liked it any better. Well, remember I said God is so faithful and takes such good care of me? Okay, here's the good part:

We are driving by my favorite place when our realtor calls on my cell. She says she just spoke to the owner and they just rented the house to someone else. It's now off the market. And not only that, the third place we were interested in would not except our offer. So, that just left 1 place. The decision was taken out of our hands. God intervened and worked fast!! Yes, the only place left was the town home Bill wanted, that I strongly disliked. But being a woman after God's (and my husband's) own heart, I bucked up, swallowed hard and said ok. Then I thanked God for making the decision for us and asked Him to give me grace to see it through. We went back to the town home, toured again, this time I imagined our personal stuff in there, and guess what - I actually started liking it. And the best thing is that it is right across the street from Bill's work so he won't have to struggle in commuter nightmare traffic!! And it allows my cat!! Yay!!

God is Good! And He answered my call!!

Next blog I will tell you about God's next decision for us, the very next day. It was even more awesome.

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